Stratos™ Stretch Film Tear Resistance Test

Stratos Stretch Film
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About Stratos™ Stretch Film - Next Generation Film
Sophisticated Films Doing More with Less.

Stratos™ is a revolutionary US manufactured patented Stretch Film, 9 micron and 11.4 micron thickness and can be stretched by up to 300%.

Abco Kovex are the European agents for Stratos™ Stretch Films. Manufactured in North America, Stratos Stretch Film is unlike traditional stretch film, which is manufactured from polyethylene, Stratos is a multi-polymer material. It is made of several different layers of film to increase strength, stretch ratio and elasticity. This process gives Stratos a stretch ratio of 300%+ and a thickness of only 9 or 11.4 micron, yet can maintain the same holding force of material with twice the thickness.

Stratos™ Stretch Film is more expensive per kilo, but by using less than half the film of traditional stretch film along with a free cardboard core, Stratos gives minimum savings of 20% on cost per year (based on 23mu traditional stretch film). Stratos was developed originally for the freezer industry and works in temperatures down to -30 degrees. With the addition of polypropylene, the film has extra clarity making it easy to read barcodes even when the product is frozen.

Abco Kovex have also recently been awarded ISO 14001 for actively reducing the amount of waste both ourselves and our customers put on the market, Stratos has been the forerunner in achieving this with an overall saving of 65% on stretch film consumed. We have currently reduced stretch film consumption for our customers by over 1,400 tonnes per year and over 30 tonnes of cardboard.

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Stratos™ will lighten the load with the next evolution in Stretch Films, designed with an even greater focus on source reduction. Perfect for high volume applications, this technologically advanced film will pioneer the way into the future of packaging.

high quality Stratos stretch film with 300% stretch
Pallet wrap film section

Providing a higher pallet wrapping efficiency, a greater source reduction and a lower cost per load than any other stretch film manufacturer

Stratos™ Stretch Film with its exceptional performance and consistency, has a superior puncture resistance than any other stretch film avaialble in United Kingdom and Ireland.

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Stratos™ Stretch Films are available in machine and hand-applied formats,
all providing an efficient and cost effective solution

Stratos Machine Stretch Film
Industrial and Machine stretch film manufacturers in Ireland

Stratos™ stretch film per pallet wrapped the most efficient stretch film on the market for uniform and semi-regular loads in high volume applications. Stratos™ uses up to 30% less film to achieve the ultimate in performance, resulting in significant cost savings to users.

Offering significant advantages over conventional material

  • Incredible yield savings per pallet significantly reducing the cost per pallet
  • Increased efficency by the reduction of change-over
  • Reducing your waste management costs
Stratos pallet wrap section
Repak Recycling Award Winners 2013
repak packaging award for stratos stretch film

Abco Kovex scooped this year's Best Packaging Prevention Initiative Award in Ireland despite tough competition at the Repak Recycling Award Winners 2013 which took place in The Westin, Dublin.

The award is to promote the optimisation of packaging, with specific focus on the prevention of excess packaging entering the supply chain.

Abco Kovex, a major supplier of packaging materials to the Irish & European markets, won the award for its supply of Stratos stretch film. This revolutionary material is the thinnest gauge stretch film on the market capable of stretching 300%. Throughout 2012 Stratos™ was responsible for helping to prevent over 500 tonnes of plastic entering the waste stream throughout Europe. At only 11.4 microns thick the material is remarkably efficient when compared to conventional stretch film, offering an average 36% cost reduction and 62% material reduction.

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Stratos™ Stretch Film Tear Resistance Test

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