Lantech S-300XT Semi-Automatic Pallet Wrapping System
Lantech S-300XT Stretch wrapping machine


  • The S-300XT has saved many of our customers hours of forktruck and operator time every day! The forktruck operators don't have to wait for their loads to be wrapped, and they don't have to get off the forktruck. They just pull a lanyard switch to start the machine, and they are on their way. The film is automatically attached and cut. The operators are free to do other things in the plant.
  • The S-300XT is equipped with Pallet-Grip®, the patented solution that locks your load to the pallet to reduce load shifting, product damage, and returned goods
  • Product Applications Light Loads, High Volume, Heavy Loads, Tall Unstable Loads
  • AutoFilm Cut-off Keep operator on forktruck, increasing productibity
  • Safety Shield Large safety shield is a shock-absorbing device, which immediately stops the rotating wrap arm to prevent injury.
  • Wrapping Clearance 35 cm safety clearance between the column and the rotating arm in case someone enters this area
  • Free Standing Design eliminates vibration, stress and potential structural damage that can result with wallmounted systems

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Work smarter... Keep your driver on the fork truck

lantech S-300 wrapping maching
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Eliminate the "run-around" with Simple Automation™ in a fast - paced environment.

Simple Automation™ on our new S-300XT Stretch Wrap System automatically attaches and cuts the your forktruck operator will spend more time behind the wheel.

Lantech Q300 Diagram
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Lantech named the World's Greatest! stretch wrapping company

Lantech S-300XT Specifications

Performance Criteria

  • Production Speed 30-40 loads per hour based on 200 cm load height; 2 film layers and 12 revolutions
  • Maximum Load Diagonal 200 cm
  • Maximum Load Height 200 cm

Load Handling System

  • Wrap Arm Speed 1-12 RPM
  • Wrap Zone Size 230 cm diameter

Film Delivery System

  • Power Roller-Stretch® 200% Stretch (Standard)

Machine Shipping Weight

  • Shipping Weight (including skid - approximate) 1750kg

Other Information

  • Machine Size 398 x 365 x 307cm
  • Operating Space 436 x 398 x 345cm
  • Shipping Weight 1.540kg
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