Lantech S-300 Semi-Automatic Pallet Wrapping System
Lantech S-300 Semi automatic pallet wrapping machine


  • Many customers, with as few as 15 pallet loads per shift, choose the S Semi-Automatic to floor load unstable product loads or for operations that require complete washdown
  • The S-300 is equipped with Pallet-Grip®, the patented solution that locks your load to the pallet to reduce load shifting, product damage, and returned goods
  • Product Applications Light Loads, High Volume, Heavy Loads, Tall Unstable Loads
  • AutoFilm Cut-off Keep operator on forktruck, increasing productibity
  • Safety Shield Large safety shield is a shock-absorbing device, which immediately stops the rotating wrap arm to prevent injury.
  • Wrapping Clearance 35 cm safety clearance between the column and the rotating arm in case someone enters this area
  • Free Standing Design eliminates vibration, stress and potential structural damage that can result with wallmounted systems

Abco Kovex packaging

Ideal for very light, very heavy or very unstable loads

lantech S-300 wrapping maching
Abco Kovex packaging
Lantech S300 Stretch Wrapper

Lantech S-300 Specifications

Performance Criteria

  • Production Speed 25-35 loads per hour based on 2030 mm load height; 2 film layers and 12 revolutions
  • Maximum Load Size (l x w x h) 1473 x 1473 x 2032mm
  • Minimum Load Size (l x w x h) 762 x 762 x 508mm
  • Maximum Load Weight Floor capacity

Load Handling System

  • Turntable Drive 0,55 kW
  • Turntable Speed 1-12 RPM

Film Delivery System

  • Power-Roller Stretch® System 200% Standard, 100-300% Available
  • Wrapping Force Electronically Controlled
  • Film Capacity 250 mm diameter, 500 mm film web width
  • E-Z Thread Roll Carriage Standard

Electrical Requirements

  • Machine Voltage 240 V, 16 A
  • Microcontroller Standard
  • CE/IP52 enclosure Standard
Abco Kovex packaging

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