Enviromental Products

We, at ABCO KOVEX, offer our customers the most environmental and effective solutions to successfully pack and ship their products. We take great care in educating our employees to better understand how they may implement this. As active members of REPAK, the waste management program, we are constantly updating and introducing new technologies to reduce our carbon footprint.

We stock a comprehensive range of low impact packing materials to ensure we protect the environment.

Enviromental packaging products by abco kovex
green packaging
Polystyrene Loose Fill

Polystyrene Loose Fill

  • FLO-PAK GREEN is the first ever polystyrene loose fill made from 100% recycled polystyrene material which degrades in the presence of microorganisms and will degrade within 9-60 months. It is made from 100% recycled content, re-usable, 100% recyclable, consuming less energy during production and does not attract any rodents.
strapping cutter

Cyklop Strap Cutter

  • Facilitates collection of straps for recycling
  • Cuts steel up to 32mm width into 85mm length
  • Accommodates high tensile steel straps, PP, PET straps and straps with seals
  • Placed on an open and empty barrel. Simply feed in the strap and the machine cuts the length
  • Dramatically reduces space accumulated by full length straps
moulded paper trays for fruit
Moulded Fibre Paper Trays Enviromentally friendly

Moulded Fibre Paper Trays

  • Abco Kovex are the sole agent for the full range of Huhtamaki fruit and vegetable trays in Ireland
  • These moulded fibre trays provide a strong and flexible solution to pack your products whilst offering optimum transport packaging
  • Our moulded fibre range is Compostable
  • Our trays have DINCERTCO approval and accreditation
  • All trays are manufactured to ISO9001/14001 standards and in full compliance with food safety regulations
  • We stock significant volumes of a wide variety of shapes and sizes to meet your requirements
  • Available in a variety of colour variations
  • We can offer a coated tray with a thin water based copolymer coating for wet or fatty food stuffs
  • We can provide a moulded fibre solution to the majority of plastic trays currently in the market place
biodegradable packaging

Refuse Bags

  • Refuse bags suitable for light and heavy duty waste
  • An extensive variety of applications for industrial, janitorial and food service use
  • Strong, waterproof and highly resistant to tearing
  • Available in roll or packed loose in box
  • 100% biodegradable
recycled packaging

Shoe Covers

  • Compostable shoe covers
  • 100% biodegradable
refuse bags suppllier dublin