Irish company enviromental packaging

Environmental Policy

Abco Kovex's commitment to the environment and packaging recycling as part of our corporate and social responsibility charter, we are a member of Repak, Ireland’s producer recycling fund.

Our membership of Repak ensures that we meet our responsibility to the environment and to the Irish public by contributing to the cost of recycling the packaging which we supply to our customers.

Over the last decade, membership of Repak has enabled us and over 2,000 other Irish businesses to contribute over €200m to support Ireland’s national packaging recycling programs.

Ireland has achieved a packaging recycling rate of more than 65% through our financial contribution and the contribution of other Irish businesses. In 2009 this partnership resulted in the recovery for recycling of over 650,000 tonnes of used packaging.

Since Repak’s establishment in 1997, over 5 million tonnes of used packaging has been diverted from landfill, with a sizeable benefit to the environment. Ireland is now ranked among the best performing states in the EU for packaging recycling.

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