Edge Board Protection

Cardboard Edge Protection Products

Manufactured from recycled / recyclable board, our range of Edgeboard protection products are supplied cut to length. During transit corners and edges are often the area that can be damaged. Edge guards eliminate these issues.


Stop Complaints, Claims and Lost Orders

Our Edgeboards are a low cost, highly effective way to protect your product during storage or transit. By preventing packs from movement, even collapse, or damage to vulnerable edges and corners, edgeboard and angled boards stop customer complaints, cuts down rejections, reduces claims and prevents lost orders.

Angleboard Edge Protection

Better Protection and Improved Image

Clean, lightweight, and easy to use, edgeboard improves your company image and shows customers that you care. You can even have the top surface printed with your company name, slogan, or logo, free of charge.

Ideal for Stacking and Stretch wrap systems

Used by top name companies year after year, cxardboard edge protection makes pallets more rigid for better stacking in warehouses and vehicles. It's ideal for use with stretch wrap systems, giving tighter wraps with no carton collapse and less risk of film puncture at corners. We also offer custom made edge protection, angled boards and cardboard corner protection for faster, simpler assembly of protected loads.

Bubble wrap manufactured in irelandn edgeboard manufactured in the UK and supplied throughout Edgeboard protection for your cargoy

Secure, Reliable Loading

Using our cardboard edge protection products helps improve the handling safety of palletised loads by ensuring the integrity of the pallet and its contents. Loads are made secure, preventing movement during transit.

Wide Range of Applications

Applications of cardboard edge protection include adhesives, automotive parts and accessories, batteries, building products, chemicals, domestic appliances, food products, glass, household items, horticultural products, joinery products, mail order goods, paper and cardboard, paints, pharmaceuticals, plastics and textiles.

Edgeboard Protection products


Market Leading Performance

Manufactured in the UK from recycled materials, our edge board can cost you far less than most types of edge protection. With a wide choice of sizes and finishes, a range of strengths and highly flexible production facilities, our edge board is a widely acknowledged market leader in UK edge protection.

Flexible, Fast, Response Service

Edge board cardboard protectors offer an outstanding service to all its customers. The company has the flexibility and raw materials to manufacture substantial quantities of most products at short notice - and still offer highly competitive prices. We are also happy to discuss and develop specialist edge protection products to your specification.

Reliable Delivery and Keen Prices

We understand that the commercial pressures on manufacturers demand outstanding responses from suppliers, which is why Abco Kovex offers fast delivery of all its edge protection products across the UK.


Edge Board is usually supplied in cut lengths up to 6 metres to suit customer requirements. Strapped in bundles of 50, and supplied on non returnable pallets, our edge protection products stacks neatly together, taking up very little storage space. We can also supply cardboard edge protection products custom made for your particular application. This labour saving option gives quicker, easier assembly, eliminates waste and gives improved protection.

Edge board for protecting pallets

Cardboard Edge Protection

  • A wide variety of Veeboard sizes available
  • From 25mm x 25mm to 100mm x 100mm
  • Thickness from 1.5mm up to 6mm
  • Length from 50mm to 4000mm
  • We can customise the edge board to suit your packaging needs
  • Customised printing available on all Veeboard Products
  • Offset angles available
Abco Kovex packaging

Cardboard Edge Protection Product Specifications

Pallet Edge Protectors

Pallet Edge Protection Abco Kovex packaging

Reel Edge Protectors

cardboard edge board Abco Kovex packaging

U-Profile Channel Section

angled edge protection Abco Kovex packaging
Custom Made cardboard Edge Protection

Custom Made Edge Protection

Custom made Edge Protection can be produced from all the sections above. Edge dimensions can range from about 0.5m to over 10m in length, and almost any number of edges can be accommodated. Please call us to discuss your requirements. Print and Finishing: Have your own logo, company name or other information (Code Numbers, etc) printed on the top surface free of charge. All of the above Edge protection products are supplied cut to length (up to 6m long) and palletised for ease of handling.

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San Strap

San Strap

As tight fitting as an adhesive band but without the stickiness and fibre tear.

  • Sanstrap is available in widths of 100, 150 or 200mm
  • Sanstrap has very high elasticity
  • Sanstrap is made of PE film
  • Unifies pallet prior to stretch wrapping
  • Ideal for securing edgeboard prior to wrapping
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