Bulk Bags

We supply customers custom made bulk bags in a a variety of sizes and specifications to suit all types of industries such as construction, agricultural, pharmaceutical and food.

Bulk Bags also known as Builders bags, Garden Bags, Log Bags, Conductive Bags, Custom Bags and FIBC's, will help contain, store and transport your goods safely, securely and cost effective.

Abco Kovex packaging
MIP 1400 Heavy Duty Tensioner

Bulk Bag

  • Bulk Bags are one of the most cost effective means of shipping and storing dry bulk products
  • Each bag is manufactured to meet customer’s specifi c requirement
  • Customised printing available
MIP 1620 Heavy Duty Pusher Tensioner

Standard Bulk Bags

  • Available with various handles or loops for lifting together with various methods for fi lling and discharge available
  • Customised printing available
ventilated bulk bags

Ventilated Bulk Bags

  • Produced out of ventilated Polypropylene (PP) woven fabrics
  • These fabrics are specially designed to permit the required air flow through the fabric into the bag
  • Ideal for the shipping and storage of vegetables
  • Various methods of lifting, fi lling and discharge available
  • Customised printing available
bulk bag packaging manufacturing, Ireland
baffle bags

Baffle Bulk Bags

  • Baffl e bags are constructed utilising inner baffl es which help maintain the cubic form once the bag has been filled
  • Prevents the bulging of the bag when fi lling and therefore keeps the bag square and free from bulging over a pallet
  • Customised printing available
Clean Room large bulk bag

Clean Room Environment

  • Bags for the food and pharmaceutical industries
  • Produced in a fully accredited independent facility under stringent hygienic conditions regulated by ICCE
  • Most advance technology currently available utilised in the production of these bags
  • Customised printing availablel
Conductive bulk Bag type c

Conductive Bulk Bags (Type C)

  • Ideal solution for preventing electrostatic discharge in the bag or on its surface caused by static energy created during filling and discharging some bulk materials
  • Carbon tapes are woven into the fabric and the webbing provide conductivity in bags
  • Silver tapes are used instead of carbon for food applications
  • Type C bags must be grounded during the fi lling and discharging process
  • Each bag is 100% checked and labelled accordingly for its conductivity
  • Customised printing available
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